Lil’ Chicago and the Dark Sky

Moose Jaw, also known as little Chicago. It gets this name because during the prohibition in the 1920’s and 30’s Al Capone used to smuggle alcohol and booze from Moose Jaw to Chicago. Interesting. We took a tour of the tunnels in Moose Jaw and learned a lot about the history of the town. It’s a very nice city with a beautiful downtown and a bunch of little shops. 
  We carried on to Grasslands National Park where they have the darkest sky preserve. This means at night the moon lights up the sky and you can see the entire sky and stars with no other light pollution. All stars and moon. 

We did a couple hikes and it’s neat to see the landscape of this park. The vegetation reminds me of old Western days. They had ranches there years ago. A lot of history there. There’s also cool wildlife such as prairie dog colonies, bison, deer, antelopes, and much more. 


The Falls and the FlatsĀ 

  After leaving Thunder Bay we checked out the beautiful falls at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. It’s gorgeous to see falls like this right in Ontario. Of course we do have Niagara Falls which I still have to go see, but this is still so beautiful. Just 30 minutes west of Thunder Bay it’s something I recommend checking out. I would say go when the Park is open for camping, I’m sure there’s much more the park offers such as hikes and wonderful scenery. 
  Next was a quick visit with my aunt Kim and her family in Dryden. They have a beautiful house in the bush on a lake. 
We moved on to spend the night at Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. 

 It was amazing to see how big this national park is. It took us close to 45 minutes to find a campsite at Moon Lake. They have a bison enclosure which you drive through and it feels like a safari in Africa but not with animals like lions, giraffes, or elephants but just bison. However it was really cool to be right beside the bison. 



The Cross to Western Canada Begins

Well another adventure is on and it’s time to see Canada. Shandelle and I are doing this with a van and a tent. Guess we’ll be living like hippies for a while but when you’re young… Why not?

We had a wonderful thanksgiving in Timmins with family and friends. Full of turkey and stuffing and all the fixing. 

We left today early in the morning and started the journey along 101 west to Wawa. Of course taking a photo of the giant goose. 

We stopped in Terrace Bay to stretch the legs and view the sights. What a gorgeous view of Lake Superior. 

In Thunder Bay staying with my Aunt Karen and can’t wait to see everything Thunder Bay has for us. Sleeping Giant, Mt. McKay, Trowbridge Falls. Also can’t forget the little bro at LakeHead. 

Cairns and Walking in Jurassic Park

Townsville was great fun, Cairns was the next stop. Arrived there midday and met up with a friend I met on the sailing boat, we checked out the markets and it was awesome seeing it so lively! I also booked a tour of the oldest rainforest in the world (apparently), Daintree. It was awesome seeing the rainforest I actually felt like I was in Jurassic Park!!

We saw some cool wildlife and then we took a boat tour of the river to find crocodiles! Pretty neat, being Dundee in Aussie is a must do.

Went to the lagoon the next day and hung out, read some of my book by the water. My English friend was coming in town so we met up as well. We wanted to cook pizzas in the oven at his hostel, we get there and no oven. Creativity comes out and we cook them in a pan, they were great! Out for a few drinks, then more drinks to call it a night.
Another relaxing day was spent back at the lagoon, but we finished it off with a barbecue which happen to be all over city centres here. I love it!


The Heat of Townsville

It’s incredibly hot in Townsville and it’s not even summer yet. Apparently 30 degrees is nothing to the locals. It was great to make a stop in Townsville to visit a friend I used to play soccer with. Him and his wife were so amazing and nice to let me stay with them for two nights even though they have a little baby barely older than a year. They took me around the city and showed me a few of the sights.

Went to Castle Hill which is a beautiful place to see the city and Magnetic Island. It’s really cool because there’s heaps of people walking, running up the hill doing their fitness. I’ve notice that a lot about Australia. Everyone is out walking with their dogs or friends. Staying active. Good to see the country so lively. Later on we stopped for some delicious pizza, ate it by the beach. Topped off the night with some gelato. Also watched the movie Wolf Creek that night, doesn’t make a traveler like myself feel too good about traveling around. But life goes on.


Airlie Beach and the Breathtaking Whitehaven

Airlie Beach is beautiful. The water is so blue and clear. Took multiple walks on the boardwalk all the way to a gorgeous harbour. It makes me want to live near the ocean one day and maybe have my own boat. It would be a small boat however because I see how it can get expensive. I’m sure the girlfriend would be down for that!

I took a 2 day 1 night sailing tour to Whitehaven Islands. Seeing the Whitehaven beach was jaw dropping. One of the most incredible and beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. The sand is so fine and it’s 98.9% silica. You can exfoliate your skin with it or brush your teeth if you wanted to. Second day on the tour we went snorkelling at some reefs, saw many fish and corals. After that I had a dive. Scuba diving was unbelievable. I was breathing underwater. So amazing to see the world from such a different place!

Also want to give a shoutout to my sister and girlfriend for doing their first Europe trip. I only say first because we’ll be back Delle.


Brisbane the River City

When I got to Brisbane I found out there was a football match on so I had to check it out. Was my first match ever, and really cool to be apart of the atmosphere. I could just imagine how the matches are in Europe.


Brisbane doesn’t have a nice beach but they do have a lagoon right by the river. A quick ferry from anywhere on the river and you stop at the lagoon. Brisbane also has some beautiful markets open everyday. Really nice to get some authentic Australian made gifts.



Byron Bay Adventures

The bus to Byron Bay was quite a long one, 13 hours long to be precise. It was too early for check in at the hostel so I rented a surfboard with a Danish guy that I met and we attempted to surf. I could get up on the board, it’s a lot harder than most people think. It was still fun. Afterwards we took a long hike to a lighthouse and on the way there you go to the most eastern part of the Australian mainland. Pretty cool I get to say I’ve been there.

The next day we signed up for a tour of this little hippie town called Nimbin. In this town you can find drugs everywhere but it’s still illegal. With it being illegal I’m not gonna say I bought some cookies that may or may not have had any sort of illegal drugs in it. Either way they didn’t do anything to me, guess I didn’t eat enough. Loads of people were stoned and laughing their asses off it was quite hilarious. Had a BBQ, and a drive through the rainforest and back to Byron. Went out with a few boys for some drinks and then called it a night. Currently on the road to Brisbane.


Sydney Fish Market

Had the whole day to spend in Sydney so I made a trip to the Sydney Fish Market. It was really beautiful to see all the seafood they have here and watch heaps of people buying all sorts of fish, oysters, octopus, and squid. I’m a seafood lover so it was interesting to see all this and walking along the harbour.


Bought myself a tray of oysters with some sort of chilli sauce, soya and chives on them.


The Solo Adventure Begins

I left Newcastle Monday morning on the train, which was a beautiful train ride along the water and through some mountains. Got to Sydney and found the hostel to drop some things off and go out to view some of Sydney. While walking through the city I ran into a fellow Canadian traveller so we toured the Sydney Harbour Bridge together and also the iconic Opera House.

After he left I took a walk through the botanic gardens, and had a beautiful view of the Opera House and the bridge together. Had a seat and enjoyed my can of beans for dinner. That’s the life of a backpacker.